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Langkawi Mangrove Forest

Langkawi, Malaysia

The mangrove forest of Langkawi is truly a sight to behold. Enjoy a boat ride along the Kilim river through the maze created by aerial roots and thick leaves of the mangrove trees. The network of streams and hidden coves is home to hundreds of endemic jungle species of wildlife.

This is the place to observe the bizarre walking fish, vividly coloured kingfishers, eagles, otters and even dolphins. The brahminy kites and huge sea eagles that nest in the crags overhead provide hours of fascination for naturalists.

The highlight of any tour to the mangroves is the feeding of the eagles. These huge birds circle overhead and swoop in for their 'lunch' - food fed by boatmen along the river.

Mangrove tours include jungle trekking, cave exploration, village visits, high tide swims and guided explorations of mangrove flora and fauna. It is best to decide on what itinerary best suits you before you book your tour.

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